Monday, November 10, 2008

The Song of a Child

Hearing a child sing is one of my favorite sounds. No matter how on or off key they are I love how hard they try, and the serious look that comes over their faces, especially when it's a serious moment. This was the case yesterday.

It was our ward's Primary Program, and to say that the kids were good would be an understatment. For a Utah ward we have a rather smaller primary than normal (around 50 kids), but they all sang their hearts out, and they all knew the songs so well, even the little Sunbeams, which Brody is a part of.

Each child had some sort of speaking part, and some even had singing parts. Peity had her own little solo part, where she sang the sentence, "I Am A Child of God." She sang so well and was exactly on key, she did awesome! As a family we were so graciously volunteered by the choirester to sing a number called "Home". Brett wasn't too thrilled, but he was a good sport, and we got through it just great.
All the kids knew their lines, and said them with such feeling. Peighton actually memorized everyones parts, just incase someone forgot their line, we called her the Understudy for everyone. Stoney was asked to give a few sentences on his experience in the temple when we had Brody sealed to our family. He wrote this all by himself, and he did an excellent job. Brody, along with all the other Sunbeams, said the exact same line, "My name is..... I am a child of God." Gunner game a poem on being a Missionary. He memorized the whole thing, and said it with such feeling and without any mistakes. He did AWESOME! Here is the poem:
When I grow up and turn 19
I’ll be the best missionary you’ve ever seen.

I might be called to Montana or Brazil
But no matter where I’m called I’ll be thrilled!

I’ll find those seeking to know the truth,
Their names might be Sam, Jane, or even Ruth.

But as I sit and think I realize,
I don’t have to be 19 or be really wise.

I can share the gospel even when I’m a kid!
I can teach people just like Alma did!

Sharing the gospel with those I know,
Will surely make my testimony grow!

Sometimes it might be scary to do,
But God will help me & bless me too.

So I’ve decided even if I think it’s scary
I’ll share the gospel NOW & be the BEST missionary!
The spirit was present during the entire program, and many-a-times you could see several througout the congregation wiping their eyes, or sniffling.
The theme for this year is" "I Am A Child of God." They focused a lot on being a missionary and helping other kids know that they are a child of God. One of my favorite parts of the program was when the Elders sang the first verse of "Called to Serve", and when it came time to sing the chorus, all the kids popped out of their chairs, and in full voices sang the chorus, "Onward, ever onward...." Chills ran through my body, and as I looked at each of my children there on stage, especially my boys, I pictured each of them in their dark suits & ties, and their name badges that say, ELDER HARWARD. I look forward to that day, when we can send our first child out into the world to be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. For Stoney, that is only 8 1/2 years away!

I'm so proud of my kids and for the way they all were able to let the spirit speak to my heart. I'm so grateful that my Heavenly Father felt me worthy to be their mother. They each are such examples to me each day, and when I hear them sing songs like the ones they sang yesterday, it makes me realize just how lucky & blessed I truly am to have all of them in my life.


Juli said...

The programs sounds like it was wonderful. The voice of a child is my favorite sound, too. I didn't realize that until I had children of my own, and now I'll stop the world just to hear one or both of them sing (thank goodness they love to sing).