Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feeling Truly Blessed Today!

I have been following the newsposts the past few days concerning actress, Natasha Richardson and the skiing accident she was involved in. At the beginning, when the media listed her in critical condition I wasn't sure how bad her injuries were, since sometimes the media tends to blow things out of proportion. However, her condition was truly critical as I learned this morning from news articles stating that she had passed away last night from a tramatic head injury. All-of-a-sudden this scene hit home like a brick. Thoughts of an accident 18-months ago came reeling through my mind, and I felt truly blessed to have been given a different out-come.

It has now been 18-months since the infamous Dodgeball game in Longmont, CO, where I basically ended up tripping over my feet, falling backwards, and hittting the back of my head on our church gym floor. Just like Ms. Richardson, I too thought I was o.k., saying, "I just had my bell rung a bit, that all, I'll be fine." But again like Ms. Richardson, things changed, my health declined and I had the headache of my life. After tests were ran it was discovered that I had a golf ball sized bleed in the front part of my brain. To make a long story short, I ended up having a 10-day ICU stay in the hospital, where part of that time was spent fight to keep me alive.

I have thanked my Heavenly Father many times over the months, forever grateful that my life was sparred and I was able to continue here on earth being a wife & mother to my family. And although I still have lingering issues, and some things that may never get better, I know the outcome could have been entirely different.

When freak accidents like this occur it really makes you stop and think about what is important and how truly blessed we are, because in the blink of an eye everything can change. I am so grateful to have been given the chance to stay with my family; To have family and friends who stood by to give love, aid and support to Brett & my family during my stay in the hospital; To be blessed to have recovered so well, and knowing that I continue to be blessed everyday; Thanks to so many who continue to give love and support in the aftermath of that difficult time.

Even though I don't personally know Natasha Richardson, my thoughts and prayers go out to their family during this difficult time. She seemed like a wonderful woman, someone who seemed was successful at juggling life with her husband of 14-years, her children, her infamous family & the spotlight. Again, I am eternally blessed and thankful to all of you, and especially to my Heavenly Father.

My Baby Turns "5"!

You know I'm a slacker and have been put on the "Crappiest Mom's in America" List when I wait 17-days to BLOG about my youngest child as he heads into a new phase of his life, or has pictures to mark this momentous occasssion 'cuz the camera is broken! All is not lost though, I will be adding updated pictures soon! YEAH!
Brody Jugant Harward celebrated his grand old number "5th Birthday" on Sunday, March 1. He has been waiting for this day for 365 days - and I am not kidding about that. Brody has asked how many days 'til his birthday comes ever since his 4th birthday. It was almost anit-climantic when his birthday finally did arrive because I think he thought something miraculous was going to happen, but, well, if you refer to my first paragraph you'll understand why.

This has been a HUGE year of new things for Brody. It's amazing to think that he has been a part of our family for 2 1/2 years. It's wierd to think that he has been with our family now just as long as he lived in the orphanage. Although things started out rough, I can't imagine our family unit without his pokey hair, his crooked smile, his moon-shaped eyes that disapper when he smiles, his love of sleeping, or his never ending appetite - eating anything (except tomatoes) & everything!
Here is what Brody has accomplished in one year (from age 4 - 5):
1. He can pedal his big wheel by himself!
2. He can hop on one leg over 25 times! (6-months ago he couldn't even stand on one leg!)
3. He can make his bed & clean his room by himself!
4. He can fold his own clothes!
5. He can brush his own teeth!
6. He can wipe his own bum! (and do a dang good job at it may I say - no skid marks!)
7. He can run down a hill without falling!
8. He can run up the stairs - alternating his feet! THIS IS HUGE!
9. He can almost go down the stairs - alternating his feet! AGAIN.... HUGE!
10.He can SPELL his name!
11.He can WRITE his name!
12.He is able to communicate better when he's frustrated, rather than throwing fits!
13.He can catch a football (at least half the time) when it's thrown to him!
14.He can tackle his older brother, Stoney (a feat not many can do!)
15.He can cross the street by himself (watching for cars) and not be terrified to do it!
16.He has 2 best friends & they are unseperable from breakfast to bedtime!
17.Has passed up his older sister (by 2 1/2 years), Peity, in heigth! (not a big shocker)
18.Learned all his colors this year at preschool & can't wait for Kindergarten next year!
19.His coordination has become almost perfect (not - as you can see in the video. :))
Brody continues to progress, move forward, and amaze us everyday! He has such a cute, loving personality & loves to be happy. In primary this past Sunday, right in the middle of sharing time Brody stood up and proudly announced:
"I am Chinese! And I love to eat!"
In a nutshell, this phrase partly sums up who he is. We have been trying to teach him about where he came from, and who he is, so that he can be proud of his heritage. He is a joy to our family and we will be forever blessed and grateful that our Heavenly Father led us to him.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Brojangles!